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So what next?

What sort of Folk Club was the first question in my mind. Having been to a few in the past - as well as to a few Folk Festivals (as a Morris Dancer - or is that too much information?) - I had come up with four possibilities.

1. A club which relies totally on paid performers - booking a professional act every month, and the members are the audience.

2. A club in which the members provide the music and singing - as many as turn up do a couple of items each.

3. A mixture of those two - sometimes an evening for members, sometimes a paid professional act.

4. A jam session - all the members join in playing together a selection of well known tunes.

I decided on the third of these - the ‘mixed economy’. It gives variety, is likely to attract larger audiences on guest evening, and might be better for publicity. And if it all goes well - maybe eventually meet twice a month with one session with entertainment provided by members and one by paid guests.

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Really exciting - it will go places!!

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