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So much to do ......

So now I have decided the sort of Folk Club to try to get off the ground .. what do I need to do to get it running for October 7th? We need a venue, publicity, people who can play and sing……. oh and I need to think about finace !!! After a couple of weeks of hard work, most of the practicalities have been sorted.

I started by looking for a venue - a pub with a room would have been ideal, but nowhere in Fordingbridge seems to have a space which would work. Avonway Community Centre has come to the rescue - their Jubilee lounge is perfect - nice layout and seats 20 - 30 in a comfortable layout, and the South room can seat about 60 for larger evenings when we have guests. There is a kitchen we can use - and even a bar which i hope they will be able to open for us - and if not we can take our own booze. And the costs are very reasonable.

Posters and leaflets have been designed and printed and will hit the streets at the beginning of September.

I have for the first time ever opened a Facebook account (Fordingbridge Folk). An early hitch meant I was suspended for 24 hours for posting on too many groups - oops. Fortunately I was reinstated!

Now all we need is some performers ………

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